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Chapter 1
Saturday, April 28, 2012 | 0 peterpan(s)

I was sitting on the corner of the bench,thinking what will happen next. I am to school that full of evil things! As I step in the corridor,everyone is starring at the one evilness Maryna. I hate her! Even she is the one who helped me from falling in the waterfall. On that time I was 7 years old. And its really sucks me. 

"Hey, Vanilla Velvet. Having fun last night?" Ask Maryna. I rolled my eyes. "Totally fun! Having a sleep over at your house! Whatching dramas..and watching you sleep like a scorpion!" I reply. "Well, nice JOKE!" She said. And everybody are laughing at her. She go right straight to the cafeteria. 

"Hey, Cherry!, over here!" Said Mr Mathew. The news teacher. You mean the gossip teacher I guess.. I came closer to him. "What is it?" I ask. "You just quarelled with Maryna. The princess of school." He said. "So What?" Yeah, what do I care about her. Of course,NOTHING! 

After the school bell rings, I go straight to the scutter school garage to take my scutter and go back home. I pass over my big crush, Jake. I like Jake but he is the most popular girl at school! How could I ever get him don't  y'think? 

At last, home sweet home. I reached my home. I open the knob and saw that was eating popcorn with my 2 little sister, Latte Velvet and Cappucino Velvet. And my big sister, Strawberry Velvet and her twin Blueberry Velvet .  Blueberry is kinda you know, tomboyish. Strawberry is a over reacting person who likes pink, and got lotsa-lotsa boyfriend!

Suddenly the door knob turn and I saw my twin, Chocolate Velvet. She got a long blondy hair. Mine is a long chocolate coloured hair. I have wood coloured eyes, while she got green coloured eyes. I got White Creamy Coloured face while she got Latte coloured face. We have a little bit different appereance but we got the same personality.

"Hey chocolate." I said. "You can call me choco, remember?" She said smilling. "Well, okay!" I reply. "Dad, were back!" I said.  "Girls! come over here! I got something to tell ya!" He said. "What is it?" Said strawberry. "Were moving at the Glasgow." He said. "Moving? But why? Why we need to move?" Ask strawberry. " Yay!!!Moving!!" Said Latte and Cappucino. "I said no!" Said strawberry. "Just move! It's not a big deal?" Said Blueberry. "Of course it does! How abaout my popularity goes?" She said. "Strawberry, you're beautiful. It's not impossible you'll be the queen of schol in just one day, you know?" I said. "Huh, thanks for that! Whatever." She said. I and Choco look at each other. "We're fine!" We said. "When were we moving dad?" Ask Latte. Suddenly mom came out from the kitchen. "Of course tomorrow morning." She said. "What? Tomorrow? Let's pack!" Said Cappucino. I and my sisters go upstairs to our rooms and started packed some things.

All the familly is busy packing their things. 


I'm sharring rooms with my twin, Choco. It supposed to be purple. But, dad says, it's good in pink. 

Strawberry is sharing room with her twin Blueberry. It supposed to be pink. But Blueberry hates pink and love blue. So mom mix the colour and the answer is purple.
Latte and Cappucino were in the same room. They shared without mom and dad's decision. It is their choises.  
Latte has the same choices as me and Choco. Hates pink. But Cappucino do love pink.

Mom and dad's room is super cool.

Living room



entertaining room



our car too

After packing, It's going to be dark. So we decided to go to sleep. Waiting tomorrow to come.